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Too many hats? (a visual story)

-1- The chameleon
The question: Is this you?
In networking conversations, the Chameleon is so eager to please, so anxious to get a sale that he paints himself as a jack of all trades – he’s trying to cover all possibilities, hoping that something he says will interest you.

He might say something like “I do a lot of wedding photography these days. But I’m also helping companies write website copy and sometimes I do public speaking workshops. I like the variety and I enjoy doing different things.”

-2- Too many hats
The communication problem
The Chameleon is an I Do Everything person, wearing too many hats! He lacks both a clear expertise and a clear focus, so he often comes out sounding confusing and a bit desperate. He does not evoke confidence.

-3- Fill one need
The resolution: listen and understand first
Instead, ask your listener some questions so you understand his situation. Then you can focus on the ONE of your areas of expertise that’s most pertinent.

ArleneToo many hats? (a visual story)