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Have you put yourself in a jail of limiting beliefs?

What do you see here? Are the orchids bursting out of their jail-like window, free at last? Or are they held back by the bars, unable to experience anything more than a fleeting glimpse of freedom? What you see in the world is guided by your beliefs – and many of them are limiting beliefs.

In fact this whole image is an illusion. It was constructed from two separate photos: one of the orchids I found in a hotel lobby, and the other of a street level window along an interesting graffiti –filled lane I visited one day. The marriage of the two photos took place in Photoshop. I erased the background around the orchid photo, and copied it into the window image, manipulating the layers so that it looked like the flowers were peeking out from behind the bars. Once this was done, I played with the lighting, so that the two parts of the image looked like they blended more naturally and belonged together. The result is what you see above: a believable image created entirely by my imagination

Do you do that in your life?

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ArleneHave you put yourself in a jail of limiting beliefs?

Creating Visual Content: How to Make Pictures and Text Look Good Together

Everyone is having fun creating visual content: picture quotes and postcards are everywhere. Tools abound, all promising to make it easy. But making do it yourself visual content look professional is not so easy…

Here’s how to combine pictures and text for professional looking visual content:


Do your website, brochure and course or ebook handouts really reflect how professional you are? Check out Let’s Get Visual!

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ArleneCreating Visual Content: How to Make Pictures and Text Look Good Together

Fit in or stand out?

Before you can develop your brand, you need to develop your state of mind!

Branding happens from the inside out. It is very much a product of who YOU are and how you got to where you are today. What other skills do you bring in to the picture? Why do  you do what you do? How do you do what you do? What bugs you about how everyone else in your profession does things and what do you do differently?

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ArleneFit in or stand out?

Elsa let it go & she felt great! Can YOU?

Have you seen “Frozen”? It’s full of inspiration! I particularly love it when Elsa sings “Let it Go” and finally figures out that she can be herself and not hold back her powers. She sings of freedom and self-acceptance in “Let it Go”. Here’s a video version of it:

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ArleneElsa let it go & she felt great! Can YOU?

Find your center – it’s calm and beautiful there (really!)

Just like many of us, Amsterdam crowds so much into such little space, yet in such a charming way! I took this photo with a wide angle lens, positioning myself carefully to capture what I considered the essence of Amsterdam: the bikes, the bridges, the canals and the quaint canal houses. Capturing the big picture was what I remember thinking about.

Looking back at it now, I am struck by how there is a balance, a calm and a sense of order within this crowded scene. Notice how the chaos and the crowdedness lie all around the outside. The houses, each different, each jammed in against its neighbor, line up against the sky. The crowded mass of bikes squeezes into the frame from the bottom.

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ArleneFind your center – it’s calm and beautiful there (really!)