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Is marketing really just a game?

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, our world has become very social. Now it’s about to become a game! In this fascinating talk, Seth Priebatsch looks at the use of of behavior-steering game dynamics that are starting to reshape marketing and education. It’s about using gaming principles (like rewards) to influence client behavior.

Seem strange? It’s not – you probably are doing it already if you belong to any loyalty programs. You are in it already if you are influenced by time-limited offers or want special-colored credit cards! And the progress bars you see when you fill out an online profile or shopping cart? That’s also using gaming principles. Watch and see!

How can this apply to your marketing? Let’s share ideas below in the comments section!

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ArleneIs marketing really just a game?

Have a networking conversation that ROCKS!

Everyone goes to networking meetings hoping to meet people, but especially, to get people interested in their business. The trouble is, everyone’s there for the same reason: what they really care about is themselves! So how do you talk to people so they care about what YOU say? Here’s how to have a networking conversation that ROCKS!

Reveal what’s special about you:
Discover and share what makes you YOU. Open up and get vulnerable. It’s not unprofessional: it’s human.

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ArleneHave a networking conversation that ROCKS!