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Collaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Collaboration is a concept that many entrepreneurs talk about, but don’t act on. How about YOU? In the name of freedom and independence, do you forget that collaboration can transform you from a lone flower into a magnificent garden?

Collaboration is vital for turning brilliant ideas into workable, doable plans.

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ArleneCollaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Open the doorway to a second (business!) date

Your job in starting a business conversation is to generate interest and rapport, and if there’s an overlap of interests, to get permission to stay in touch. You want to open a doorway to further conversation and make sure your listener sees the benefit of that happening.

One of the best ways to engage with someone is to make your message relevant to something they care about: themselves. Remember, people listen to WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and MMFG AM (make me feel good about myself ). You need to tune into THEIR ISSUES AND EMOTIONS and show you understand them before they’ll care about you.

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ArleneOpen the doorway to a second (business!) date

Too many hats? (a visual story)

-1- The chameleon
The question: Is this you?
In networking conversations, the Chameleon is so eager to please, so anxious to get a sale that he paints himself as a jack of all trades – he’s trying to cover all possibilities, hoping that something he says will interest you.

He might say something like “I do a lot of wedding photography these days. But I’m also helping companies write website copy and sometimes I do public speaking workshops. I like the variety and I enjoy doing different things.”

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ArleneToo many hats? (a visual story)