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Rise above the clouds of doubt

Do you ever feel like you’re on top of the world, but then these clouds of doubt suddenly creep up and threaten to totally engulf you?

Look at this photo. See how solid and stable and majestic the mountains are, despite the constant movement of clouds around it. What a lesson! The mountains don’t move over to avoid the clouds: they stands fast. In a similar fashion, there will always be clouds in our life and in our business – clouds of doubt, clouds of turbulence, clouds of change. Don’t let them engulf you!

But we are not the clouds. We are the mountain! And like the mountain, we are strong. There is no need to get into a huff over every little bit of turbulence that comes our way: like the clouds, it will pass.

If we allow it, the clouds move on, leaving clear space in their wake. They tend to dissolve into nothingness, don’t they? That’s what doubts and worries are like – clouds with little substance. Limiting beliefs and memories from the past, that we no longer need to hang on to. Don’t try to ignore or bury your limiting beliefs: face them, acknowledge them and love yourself enough to let them go. Live in the present, not the past.

There is a place above those clouds where all is clear. And like the mountain, we are bigger than the clouds of doubt in our lives. We can rise above the clouds of doubt to a place where everything is clear and bright and free.

ArleneRise above the clouds of doubt