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People don’t have apples on their head! (a visual story)

-1- Apple on her head
The situation about people:

People are not prospects. People are not targets. They get kind of scared if you treat them like they have an apple on their head and you’re aiming right at it!

-2- Frustrated woman
The conflict in communication:

Everyone you meet cares only about one thing: solving their frustrations and needs (not yours!). They are on their own journey and they’re the hero, meeting challenges and trying to slaying the dragons they encounter along the way. The only way they’ll care about your message is if it fits into their frame of reference and helps them along their journey. Your job is to be of service.

-3- How can you help?
The happy ending: you captivate!

How does your service make it easy for people to slay their dragons and overcome challenges? The best way to captivate people and spark their interest in working with you is by making it easier for them to reach their dreams. When you do that, you’ll have not just a client, but a raving fan!

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ArlenePeople don’t have apples on their head! (a visual story)