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Money: the goal or result of your business?

Some people state very clearly that the goal of business is to make money. Others get offended by that and claim that they are in business to help people and to do what they love. What side are you on? Can the two sides come together?

The desire to make money is neither good nor bad in itself. What IS problematic is focusing only on the money: that is like saying “I want to get to New York” without having any idea how to get there. The result, too often, is that the journey is bittersweet.

“If you do not love and honor the process, you will fail before you reach the goal.

This is the tragic consequence of borrowing or stealing ideas of success or happiness from others. One may covet the outcome, but have no love for that which is necessary to create the end result.” (Glenda Green, Love Without End)

Guess what? It’s not only about the outcome; it’s also about the process! It’s about focusing not only on the pot of gold, but on how you can light up the sky with your rainbow of passions and talents and gifts.

The money is a result, not a goal. To be sustainable, a goal needs to be connected to who you ARE and to how your passions and talents can best serve the needs of a group of people. That authenticity and intention creates the win-win situation that brings both satisfaction and money. Money is simply part of the exchange of energy that happens when you serve a group of people with your talents and skills.

Being successful at what you do often takes getting out of your comfort zone and necessitates raising your “deservability” thermostat. Most important, it requires appreciating and really “owning” the gifts and talents that make you YOU. When you do that, what you get is not a New You, not a more Perfect You, but the YOU that was always there in the first place: the Real, Inner and Divinely Wonderful YOU.

ArleneMoney: the goal or result of your business?

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