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Are you standing on the edge of abundance?

Are you like the man in the red shirt and the fishing pole – standing on the edge of that ocean of abundance you envision, but not quite there yet? Here are some questions to consider:

Are you trying too hard? From a very early age, you were probably told that it is important to try hard, to try your best. But guess what?

Trying doesn’t count! Put a book in front of you. Try to pick it up. No, don’t actually pick it up. TRY to pick it up. Get the difference? Trying in and of itself produces no results. Trying presupposes doubt and fear. It is an excuse for failure, ready before you even start. So as Yoda said, “Do or do not; there is no try.”

Are you caught up in details? The fisherman was focused so much on that line in front of his nose that he was missing the breathtaking vista in front of him. Do you do that, too? Are you so caught up in the details and planning a project that you lose sight of the goal? Does it feel safer to stay in planning mode? That’s another form of fear-based self sabotage.

Is it perfect enough yet? Get over it! Perfection is a disguise for approval seeking – for doing something someone else’s way so that they will approve of what you’re doing. The reason it’s so frustrating is that you’re YOU, not them. You cannot possibly ever achieve someone else’s description of perfection because it’s not yours. Can you put on a lion costume and really be a lion? Of course not: you can only pretend. The same goes for whatever you do in life. You are already perfect, just the way you are. You have a uniquely YOU way of being, of doing things, of serving the world, that’s perfectly YOU. That’s the only kind of perfect you ever need to be.

Like the fisherman, you are standing on the edge of something wonderful and abundant. See it, feel it and dare to move into it in a way that is uniquely YOU. Abundance and beauty are waiting for you, if you’ll only reach out and cast your line.

ArleneAre you standing on the edge of abundance?

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