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Collaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Collaboration is a concept that many entrepreneurs talk about, but don’t act on. How about YOU? In the name of freedom and independence, do you forget that collaboration can transform you from a lone flower into a magnificent garden?

Collaboration is vital for turning brilliant ideas into workable, doable plans.

How many brilliant ideas have you had that you never did anything about? Or didn’t work out the way you thought? Brilliant ideas may or may not be good business ideas. The thing is, in your head, they’re invincible but invisible, because you haven’t let anyone else hear them or take a shot at them. So one use for collaboration is finding people with whom to sound out your ideas. It could be former clients, friends, or a trusted mentor who has done that kind of thing before. Get your idea out of the dark. Listen to people’s reactions. It’s called market research – and anyone, even you, as a solo entrepreneur, can do it.

Collaboration enables you to give clients added value and one stop shopping.

Haven’t you ever gone to a hair salon and appreciated having your nails done at the same time? Haven’t you gone to a doctor and been annoyed when he says he can’t help you because that’s not his area? Holistic is becoming more and more important. People want help with all of themselves, not just body parts.

Look for professionals that attack a similar problem as you, but from a slightly different point of view – someone with similar brand values. Or someone whose brand takes an opposite approach to you, but is complementary. For example, my approach to branding and marketing is very right brain. A colleague I know focuses more on left brain, logical approaches to branding and marketing. Teaming up with her to do a seminar would provide amazing value and a more well-rounded approach than either of us could give alone! (in fact, we’ve been talking about it…)

Collaboration multiplies your strength and impact

Let’s face it, you’re amazing at what you do, but there are some other things you’re just not good at. Team up with someone who is. Maybe you’d love to do a webinar, but you’re just not a techy person and have no idea how to pull it off. Who do you know that has done one before? Is there someone you know that has a regular webinar that would love to interview you? If she has a regular show, you can bet she’s looking for guests! And if she already has a following for her show, so much the better. Talk! Your problem is someone else’s solution.

Collaboration transforms you from a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Your collaboration strategy can become part of your brand, part of what you stand for. Whom could YOU talk to about collaboration? What flowers do you want in your garden? Remember, a garden makes more impact than a single flower. Individual flowers do not get lost – they grow more beautiful because of the harmonious whole they are part of.

Does the idea of collaboration intrigue you? Please share it – maybe even with someone you want to collaborate with!

ArleneCollaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

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