Are you an eagle disguised as a chicken?

Do you ever look up and wish you could fly? I read an inspiring story recently about a baby eagle who got separated from his mother and landed in a chicken farm. He was cared for there and learned to act like chickens act – that’s all he knew, because that’s all he was ever taught. Then one day he saw a big eagle flying overhead and something inside him stirred. He had always felt that there was something different about him… Now he knew: he wanted to fly, not strut around on the ground!

“Could I?” he wondered. “How do I do it? What if I fall? Why am I stuck here in this barnyard, instead of being up in those treetops?”

How? What if? Why? These questions are double edged swords:

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ArleneAre you an eagle disguised as a chicken?

Looking for the perfect tagline?

A tagline is an attention getter and memory trigger. Here’s how to create a wow! tagline that tells people what you do and why they should care – capturing attention and arousing desire.

What’s the ONE idea you want people to think of every time they see something from you?
Creating a tagline can take some time. To help you, here are a few well-known formats or templates:

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ArleneLooking for the perfect tagline?

Do. Or not do.

For 10 years, I have been totally addicted to ballroom dancing. And now I know why. The instruction I get in my dance class has nothing to do with dancing. The dancing is only a pretense, a vehicle, to deliver the real instruction I’m looking for.

Lessons about life.

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ArleneDo. Or not do.