Be your truest, craziest, most unique self

Isn’t this the most outrageously gorgeous zebra you’ve ever seen? She’s not afraid to be her truest, craziest, most unique self. If she were a service I needed, I would hire her in a minute, because I identify with the creativity and boldness that she stands for. I get the feeling that she’d understand me.

Not you? That’s okay – there are plenty of black and white zebras out there – or maybe some blue ones or red ones – for you. This zebra is not out the save the entire world. She knows herself and accepts and accepts that she can best help a particular group of people really well. She has a niche. Having a niche that suits her is kind of like putting on an old comfortable pair of slippers – it feels good!

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ArleneBe your truest, craziest, most unique self

Too many hats? (a visual story)

-1- The chameleon
The question: Is this you?
In networking conversations, the Chameleon is so eager to please, so anxious to get a sale that he paints himself as a jack of all trades – he’s trying to cover all possibilities, hoping that something he says will interest you.

He might say something like “I do a lot of wedding photography these days. But I’m also helping companies write website copy and sometimes I do public speaking workshops. I like the variety and I enjoy doing different things.”

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ArleneToo many hats? (a visual story)

Have a networking conversation that ROCKS!

Everyone goes to networking meetings hoping to meet people, but especially, to get people interested in their business. The trouble is, everyone’s there for the same reason: what they really care about is themselves! So how do you talk to people so they care about what YOU say? Here’s how to have a networking conversation that ROCKS!

Reveal what’s special about you:
Discover and share what makes you YOU. Open up and get vulnerable. It’s not unprofessional: it’s human.

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ArleneHave a networking conversation that ROCKS!