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Find your center – it’s calm and beautiful there (really!)

Just like many of us, Amsterdam crowds so much into such little space, yet in such a charming way! I took this photo with a wide angle lens, positioning myself carefully to capture what I considered the essence of Amsterdam: the bikes, the bridges, the canals and the quaint canal houses. Capturing the big picture was what I remember thinking about.

Looking back at it now, I am struck by how there is a balance, a calm and a sense of order within this crowded scene. Notice how the chaos and the crowdedness lie all around the outside. The houses, each different, each jammed in against its neighbor, line up against the sky. The crowded mass of bikes squeezes into the frame from the bottom.

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ArleneFind your center – it’s calm and beautiful there (really!)

Are you short changing people?

Think for a moment of your last super successful session with a client you really loved to work with. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for a job well done! Yes, you really are an expert at what you do. C’mon, feel it with all your heart.

Now because you’re so good, a magic marketing ship has come to carry you to a place where there are thousands of people who are your ideal clients. They are looking for what you provide! The ship lands and they’re all listening to you. It’s your magic moment.

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ArleneAre you short changing people?

The Power of Thought

The power of your thoughts has been a popular topic for years now. The Secret and other new age books have made it seem almost magical: you think something intensely enough and BAM! you will manifest it. Is there any truth in this? Yes, as it turns out, “thoughts become things” is not just woo-woo; there’s some science behind it. But that’s not the whole story… Here’s a video with a balanced, scientific perspective on the subject.

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ArleneThe Power of Thought

Be a lighthouse and attract perfect clients.

Are you a lighthouse, standing strong and confident, guiding the most perfect clients to the safe shore of your business?

Stacey Hall uses the metaphor of a lighthouse in her book Attracting Perfect Customers. It’s brilliant! She paints a verbal picture of a lighthouse, standing solidly on the shore, guiding boats toward safety. The lighthouse knows that not all boats out there need her: some have confident captains, with a good GPS on board.

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ArleneBe a lighthouse and attract perfect clients.

Rise above the clouds of doubt

Do you ever feel like you’re on top of the world, but then these clouds of doubt suddenly creep up and threaten to totally engulf you?

Look at this photo. See how solid and stable and majestic the mountains are, despite the constant movement of clouds around it. What a lesson! The mountains don’t move over to avoid the clouds: they stands fast.

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ArleneRise above the clouds of doubt

Are you flowing or fighting?

“Presence is a riverbed permitting water to flow gently downhill. The mind is the team of squabbling engineers trying to divert the water uphill while taking legal action against the law of gravity.”

Marcus Anthony said that in his book “Discovering your Soul Template” and as soon as I read it, I knew I wanted to share it.

Presence is simply paying attention to what is happening NOW: not the past, not the future.

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ArleneAre you flowing or fighting?

Are limiting beliefs keeping you from moving forward?

Others can stop you temporarily; only you can stop yourself permanently. (Zig Ziglar)

Are limiting beliefs keeping you from where you want to go with your business? Limiting beliefs are the ideas or reasons underlying your behavior. You assume they’re factual, and incontestable. Most often, they come from something in the past that you misinterpreted, and your inner critic keeps alive. Other times, a limiting belief comes from a “should” that someone taught you that in fact is his/her limiting belief that you don’t have to buy into.

One of the areas in which I see limiting beliefs play a huge part is in talking about, or promoting your business.

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ArleneAre limiting beliefs keeping you from moving forward?