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Be your truest, craziest, most unique self

Isn’t this the most outrageously gorgeous zebra you’ve ever seen? She’s not afraid to be her truest, craziest, most unique self. If she were a service I needed, I would hire her in a minute, because I identify with the creativity and boldness that she stands for. I get the feeling that she’d understand me.

Not you? That’s okay – there are plenty of black and white zebras out there – or maybe some blue ones or red ones – for you. This zebra is not out the save the entire world. She knows herself and accepts and accepts that she can best help a particular group of people really well. She has a niche. Having a niche that suits her is kind of like putting on an old comfortable pair of slippers – it feels good!

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ArleneBe your truest, craziest, most unique self

How Subject Line Impacts Email Open Rates

Do email subject lines really affect open rates?

You bet! I know they certainly influence meYou’ve perfected your email. You’ve crafted exactly the right call to action. But will your email be opened? The greatest email copy is useless if the email is not opened. Here are the results of studies put together by Sidekick, a division of Hubspot, on how subject line impacts email open rates. You’ll see that getting your emails opened is easier than you think!

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ArleneHow Subject Line Impacts Email Open Rates

Effective Communication: are you up to date on the latest trends?

Effective communication strategies are essential in today’s age of information overload. Here are the latest 5 strategies that really work!

Effective communication means using visual content

You’ve seen Picture Quotes all over the social media. Why? According to research by psychologist Albert Mehrabian, the human brain absorbs visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Maybe that’s why for many people, long stretches of text feel like work or school; whereas a picture grabs attention. On fact, adding a captivating visual to your blog article or social media post has been shown (in a study by MDG Advertising) to increase engagement by 94%.

The question now becomes, if you’re not a graphic artist, how in the world do you do it?

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ArleneEffective Communication: are you up to date on the latest trends?

Is marketing really just a game?

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, our world has become very social. Now it’s about to become a game! In this fascinating talk, Seth Priebatsch looks at the use of of behavior-steering game dynamics that are starting to reshape marketing and education. It’s about using gaming principles (like rewards) to influence client behavior.

Seem strange? It’s not – you probably are doing it already if you belong to any loyalty programs. You are in it already if you are influenced by time-limited offers or want special-colored credit cards! And the progress bars you see when you fill out an online profile or shopping cart? That’s also using gaming principles. Watch and see!

How can this apply to your marketing? Let’s share ideas below in the comments section!

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ArleneIs marketing really just a game?

Does “power posing” work?

Body language not only affects how others see us – it may also change how we see ourselves. In this fascinating talk, social psychologist and Harvard professor Amy Cuddy talks about “power posing” – standing in a posture of confidence, even when you don’t actually feel confident.

Bottom line: Cuddy’s research reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions — and even our own body chemistry — simply by changing body positions. The old adage “fake it til you make it” may actually be true!

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ArleneDoes “power posing” work?

Websites: Content Comes First

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It’s sometimes difficult to explain why content needs to come before website (or brochure) design. So when I saw  this article on, I knew I wanted to share it. I especially love the comparison of a website to a product package or a house. You can’t build the outside before you know what goes inside!

“Without good content, there’s no reason to visit a company’s website, read their tweets, open their emails, or care about anything they say. Most importantly, there’s no reason to interact with a company or build a relationship with them.” Lindsey Weintraub

“It’s time to stop building the house without knowing how many bedrooms it may need. It’s a paradigm shift in the way we think about building websites. But, it has to be done. Because you know what they call things that are beautiful, but have no function? Useless.” Mark Boulton

“If we design before we have content, we effectively create the packaging before we know what’s going to go in it. And if the content doesn’t fit the package, there are only two options: start from scratch, or try to jam the content into the existing package. We don’t want that.” Rian van der Merwe

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ArleneWebsites: Content Comes First

Open the doorway to a second (business!) date

Your job in starting a business conversation is to generate interest and rapport, and if there’s an overlap of interests, to get permission to stay in touch. You want to open a doorway to further conversation and make sure your listener sees the benefit of that happening.

One of the best ways to engage with someone is to make your message relevant to something they care about: themselves. Remember, people listen to WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and MMFG AM (make me feel good about myself ). You need to tune into THEIR ISSUES AND EMOTIONS and show you understand them before they’ll care about you.

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ArleneOpen the doorway to a second (business!) date

What’s your big WHY?

People don’t buy what you do so much as why you do it. That’s because people are tuned into WIIFM – what’s in it for me. All they care about is their desires and urgent needs. You need to get to that spot in them so they can perk up their ears and pay attention. When you talk only about what you do, they have no idea what that will accomplish and how it relates to their issues.

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ArleneWhat’s your big WHY?

5 infomercial introductions that don’t bore people to death

It started with kids’ programs like Sesame Street. Now it’s twitter. People today have been conditioned to have very short attention spans. So whether you’re giving a major presentation or a short infomercial, you have only seconds to capture the attention of your audience and have them wanting to hear more.

There are a number of ways to do this.

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Arlene5 infomercial introductions that don’t bore people to death

Too many hats? (a visual story)

-1- The chameleon
The question: Is this you?
In networking conversations, the Chameleon is so eager to please, so anxious to get a sale that he paints himself as a jack of all trades – he’s trying to cover all possibilities, hoping that something he says will interest you.

He might say something like “I do a lot of wedding photography these days. But I’m also helping companies write website copy and sometimes I do public speaking workshops. I like the variety and I enjoy doing different things.”

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ArleneToo many hats? (a visual story)