Clarify your Brand


Be your truest, craziest, most unique self

Isn’t this the most outrageously gorgeous zebra you’ve ever seen? She’s not afraid to be her truest, craziest, most unique self. If she were a service I needed, I would hire her in a minute, because I identify with the creativity and boldness that she stands for. I get the feeling that she’d understand me.

Not you? That’s okay – there are plenty of black and white zebras out there – or maybe some blue ones or red ones – for you. This zebra is not out the save the entire world. She knows herself and accepts and accepts that she can best help a particular group of people really well. She has a niche. Having a niche that suits her is kind of like putting on an old comfortable pair of slippers – it feels good!

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ArleneBe your truest, craziest, most unique self

The 11 Commandments for a Stellar Online Brand

Step out of your own shoes for a moment and look at your website from a stranger’s point of view. It is the center of your online brand. How does it make you feel? Does it stand out? Does it give the impression that you are a star in your field?

You ARE a star! And you deserve to look and function that way online.

The 11 commandments for a stellar online brand will transform your website into a professional and engaging online presence that will enable you to reach more prospects and close more sales.

A stellar online brand means finding your focus:

1. Get super-clear on your target market and their problems, as well as the solutions you bring.
2. Know your business values, personality, and unique gifts.

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ArleneThe 11 Commandments for a Stellar Online Brand

Money: the goal or result of your business?

Some people state very clearly that the goal of business is to make money. Others get offended by that and claim that they are in business to help people and to do what they love. What side are you on? Can the two sides come together?

The desire to make money is neither good nor bad in itself. What IS problematic is focusing only on the money: that is like saying “I want to get to New York” without having any idea how to get there. The result, too often, is that the journey is bittersweet.

“If you do not love and honor the process, you will fail before you reach the goal.

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ArleneMoney: the goal or result of your business?

Collaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Collaboration is a concept that many entrepreneurs talk about, but don’t act on. How about YOU? In the name of freedom and independence, do you forget that collaboration can transform you from a lone flower into a magnificent garden?

Collaboration is vital for turning brilliant ideas into workable, doable plans.

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ArleneCollaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Get noticed and remembered with a strong personal brand

No matter how amazing you are, if people don’t know who you are and what you stand for, it’s going to be an uphill battle getting the clients you want and serving the world in the way you want.

Your brand: the key to getting noticed

Heart-felt, bursting-at-the-seams confidence is a key success factor in your practice or business. One of the best ways to achieve it is through personal branding. Here are my 5 “laws of the land” for creating a strong personal brand. They’re what I stand for in my practice and the foundation from which I operate.

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ArleneGet noticed and remembered with a strong personal brand

What’s your big WHY?

People don’t buy what you do so much as why you do it. That’s because people are tuned into WIIFM – what’s in it for me. All they care about is their desires and urgent needs. You need to get to that spot in them so they can perk up their ears and pay attention. When you talk only about what you do, they have no idea what that will accomplish and how it relates to their issues.

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ArleneWhat’s your big WHY?

Conquer your inner gremlin by being your authentic self

Have you ever experienced a huge success, then amidst the joy comes your inner gremlin, saying “Maybe this success was just a fluke…” Well, good news: you’re not alone!

Author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her experience with this feeling in a recent TED talk.

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ArleneConquer your inner gremlin by being your authentic self

Too many hats? (a visual story)

-1- The chameleon
The question: Is this you?
In networking conversations, the Chameleon is so eager to please, so anxious to get a sale that he paints himself as a jack of all trades – he’s trying to cover all possibilities, hoping that something he says will interest you.

He might say something like “I do a lot of wedding photography these days. But I’m also helping companies write website copy and sometimes I do public speaking workshops. I like the variety and I enjoy doing different things.”

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ArleneToo many hats? (a visual story)

Are you short changing people?

Think for a moment of your last super successful session with a client you really loved to work with. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for a job well done! Yes, you really are an expert at what you do. C’mon, feel it with all your heart.

Now because you’re so good, a magic marketing ship has come to carry you to a place where there are thousands of people who are your ideal clients. They are looking for what you provide! The ship lands and they’re all listening to you. It’s your magic moment.

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ArleneAre you short changing people?