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Be your truest, craziest, most unique self

Isn’t this the most outrageously gorgeous zebra you’ve ever seen? She’s not afraid to be her truest, craziest, most unique self. If she were a service I needed, I would hire her in a minute, because I identify with the creativity and boldness that she stands for. I get the feeling that she’d understand me.

Not you? That’s okay – there are plenty of black and white zebras out there – or maybe some blue ones or red ones – for you. This zebra is not out the save the entire world. She knows herself and accepts and accepts that she can best help a particular group of people really well. She has a niche. Having a niche that suits her is kind of like putting on an old comfortable pair of slippers – it feels good!

But your most unique self may not seem normal to others…

This zebra puts her own spin on what it means to be a zebra. she is not content with “I’m a zebra – I have status now because I finally got my black stripes just like all the other master zebras.”

Instead, she dares to ask “who said black and white is good? It’s common, yes. But is common and ordinary a good thing?”

This may be a somewhat far-fetched illustration, but it’s not, really. In my experience, many people pay lip service to being different, but do things that make them just like everyone else.

Does your message portray your most unique self?

For instance, when someone asks you what you do and you describe yourself with a label or professional title, you lump yourself into a category that makes you the same as everyone else in your profession instead of differentiating yourself. Furthermore, everyone has their own perception of what that label means, so they’re going to think things of you that are probably not true. That’s because they make a decision about you based on their past experience – which may be totally incorrect and totally different from what your approach actually is.

To stand out and attract the clients you’re a genius at serving, you’ve got to tell your own personal story and create your own personal brand. To begin thinking about that, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you bring your natural talents and passions into your work?
  • What do you do (or what would you like to do) that’s uniquely YOU?
  • What bugs you about the way the rest of your industry does stuff that you’d love to change or do differently?


These questions about your most unique self are not easy!

If you’d like some help digging for answers, contact me with your story and we’ll arrange a time to talk about how I can help you portray your most unique self.

ArleneBe your truest, craziest, most unique self


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  • Lyna - January 5, 2016 reply

    This topic is of interest to me: marketing and being unique and not being stuck in a mold !!
    Looking forward to conversing
    Thanks in advance, Lyna

    Arlene - January 5, 2016 reply

    Thanks for your interest in this article, Lyna. What is most unique about your business? What other topics related to branding and marketing would you like to see articles on?

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