Be your truest, craziest, most unique self

Isn’t this the most outrageously gorgeous zebra you’ve ever seen? She’s not afraid to be her truest, craziest, most unique self. If she were a service I needed, I would hire her in a minute, because I identify with the creativity and boldness that she stands for. I get the feeling that she’d understand me.

How Subject Line Impacts Email Open Rates

Do email subject lines really affect open rates? You bet! I know they certainly influence meYou’ve perfected your email. You’ve crafted exactly the right call to action. But will your email be opened? The greatest email copy is useless if the email is not opened. Here are the results of studies put together by Sidekick,

Are you standing on the edge of abundance?

Are you like the man in the red shirt and the fishing pole – standing on the edge of that ocean of abundance you envision, but not quite there yet? Here are some questions to consider: Are you trying too hard? From a very early age, you were probably told that it is important to

Are you an eagle disguised as a chicken?

Do you ever look up and wish you could fly? I read an inspiring story recently about a baby eagle who got separated from his mother and landed in a chicken farm. He was cared for there and learned to act like chickens act – that’s all he knew, because that’s all he was ever

The 11 Commandments for a Stellar Online Brand

Step out of your own shoes for a moment and look at your website from a stranger’s point of view. It is the center of your online brand. How does it make you feel? Does it stand out? Does it give the impression that you are a star in your field? You ARE a star!

Money: the goal or result of your business?

Some people state very clearly that the goal of business is to make money. Others get offended by that and claim that they are in business to help people and to do what they love. What side are you on? Can the two sides come together? The desire to make money is neither good nor

Letter from my Ego

Dear other half, I am having so much fun watching you achieve things. You keep doing and doing and doing more, looking for that satisfaction and happiness that you think will come. But it’s oh so temporary, isn’t it? I just love that roller coaster ride of emotions you go through. Happy and high for

Have you put yourself in a jail of limiting beliefs?

What do you see here? Are the orchids bursting out of their jail-like window, free at last? Or are they held back by the bars, unable to experience anything more than a fleeting glimpse of freedom? What you see in the world is guided by your beliefs – and many of them are limiting beliefs.

Collaboration: turn a lone flower into a magnificent garden.

Collaboration is a concept that many entrepreneurs talk about, but don’t act on. How about YOU? In the name of freedom and independence, do you forget that collaboration can transform you from a lone flower into a magnificent garden? Collaboration is vital for turning brilliant ideas into workable, doable plans.