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With a B.Ed in teaching, a PhD in Clinical Nutrition, and online communication skills that have developed over a background that includes teaching, research, Dale Carnegie training, professional photography and graphic design, a cookbook, and even her own TV cooking show (way before they were the rage), Arlene has all the tools to communicate your message with impact and inspiration!

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Communication and creativity have dominated my life. I remember loving my crayons as a child! Art was my favorite subject in elementary school. But that somehow got left by the wayside as I prepared for a more traditional career – which turned out to be another form of communication: teaching.

Over the years, I’ve had experience in teaching, research, and business networking. I earned a B.Ed., a B.Sc. and a Ph.D. (in nutrition) from McGill University, and received training in public speaking from Dale Carnegie. I’ve written for numerous publications and published two books. Oh, and there was that cooking series on TV that I hosted years ago before they were the rage!

About 15 years ago, I felt a yearning to develop the artistic side of me again, and started doing professional photography. I became an expert with Photoshop – a digital version of the darkroom, but so much more exciting! I extended that into graphic design; and as the web became more important, I morphed into that as well. I loved the power of new digital technologies and dove into them with both feet. Everything at this point was self-taught.

During my years of graphic and web design, one problem kept coming up over and over again with my clients, especially health professionals: they had trouble figuring out what to say on their website or other online communication; and more important, they had no idea how to use online technology to create products like ebooks and online courses that could communicate their expertise and extend their reach! So, I started helping them use online tools to create effective branding, marketing messages and teaching – and found clients coming back to me a few months later, astounded that their business had doubled!

My mission is to help health professionals use digital products like ebooks, slideshows and online courses to extend their reach and bring their business from one-to-one to one-to-many.

When I’m not working, you’ll see  me in a dance studio, learning ballroom dancing – it’s the most fun form of exercise and socializing I’ve ever seen! And the crayons of my childhood have come back in the form of a stylus and an iPad. I’ve just started doing iPad drawing and it’s a blast!

I am almost equal parts creator (having a huge desire to create stuff), magician (I make things happen) and sage (I believe that the truth really will set you free).

Myers-Briggs has me as an ENFP: extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving. (which is perhaps why I tend to be able to see things in you that you don’t always appreciate about yourself). But I’m actually very whole-brained: I can balance the intuitive and the logical, the creative and the strategic. I can take your tangled up thoughts, understand them, and give them order.

Schedule a free call with me, so I can answer your questions and we can discover if we’re a match. I won’t sell you and I won’t hound you to death afterward. It’s just a conversation; and there’s absolutely no obligation.

What do I do best?

Lots of stuff! ...but I've dwindled it down to these three: and they're all about helping you use online communication more easily.


Reveal your strength

Creating a website, digital product, or online course starts with focusing and branding, to establish you as a trusted solution to a real problem that specific people are facing.


Generate your content

Next we determine your objectives, and work together to create the verbal and visual content for your ebook, website or online course, so that it inspires interest and gets the results you want.


Deliver a brilliant result!

“Arlene knows how to create visuals that are compelling, visuals that will support your message and give you the professional look that you need.” (Steve Lowell, Professional Speaker)


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