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Are you an eagle disguised as a chicken?

Do you ever look up and wish you could fly? I read an inspiring story recently about a baby eagle who got separated from his mother and landed in a chicken farm. He was cared for there and learned to act like chickens act – that’s all he knew, because that’s all he was ever taught. Then one day he saw a big eagle flying overhead and something inside him stirred. He had always felt that there was something different about him… Now he knew: he wanted to fly, not strut around on the ground!

“Could I?” he wondered. “How do I do it? What if I fall? Why am I stuck here in this barnyard, instead of being up in those treetops?”

How? What if? Why? These questions are double edged swords:

used at the right time in the right way, they can achieve lift off and set you soaring; used improperly, they become roadblocks or cement weights that hold you down and stop you in your tracks.

When you set an intention or define a desire, it often happens that you have no idea how to accomplish it.
You find yourself soon saying, “Forget it – I can’t do it.”

Stop! That’s only your inner critic talking. Thank him for his concern and tell him to go away. “How” is not your concern. It’s okay not to know. Just keep clear on your desire and start looking and listening. If your desire is in alignment with your heart, the Universe will respond and point the way for you to take action. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Like in the story, the knowledge, the person, or the opportunity will present itself. (Then, of course, it’s up to you to act!)

What if?
“What if the world was round?” set Christopher Columbus on a journey that changed the world.
“What if I fail or fall?” is another story. That’s an invention of your inner critic. That’s building roadblocks that aren’t there. That’s self-sabotage. Get rid of it! Creating is a divinely inspired, positive action. Negative what if’s do not belong in the same room as dreaming and planning actions. There’s a time for considering what if’s as a way of refining and improving action plans. Just don’t let the “what if’s” that may not happen stop you from dreaming or acting on those dreams in the first place.

If you’re a researcher, wondering why something happens, the question “why?” can launch you on a path to important discoveries. If you’re stewing over “Why did this happen to me?” – that is another story.
Firstly, nothing happens TO you. You created it, consciously or unconsciously. Whatever appears in your life is there because it’s perfect for you. You may not understand it at the time. Often the understanding only comes later. The thing is, it’s there now. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to learn from it? What gifts and talents do I have to apply to this situation? Or, as is often the case, what hidden gift will this situation reveal in me? These are the questions to ask! There is nothing you can’t handle!

Are you an eagle disguised as a chicken? Look up. See the eagle flying and know that you too can soar. Let go of the hows, what if’s and why’s that are holding you down. Then dust off your wings and soar!

ArleneAre you an eagle disguised as a chicken?

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