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Use ebooks, slideshows and online courses to extend your reach and communicate your expertise.

online communication made easy

Are you a health professional, intrigued by the possibilities of new online technology, but feeling a bit overwhelmed because you’ve never had the training to use them? Then join me! I come from an education and nutrition background, with not a single programming course anywhere. Through trial and error, though, and a lot of searching, I’ve learned that online technologies do not have to be hard.

Working with me, you’ll discover the many innovative, yet simple online tools you can use yourself to communicate your message, as well as create and sell digital products like ebooks and online courses. You’ll conquer your fear of technology and learn to use online tools effectively to create an extra revenue stream and take your practice from one-to-one to one-to-many.

I’ve been part the health profession myself, so I understand the ethical and professional guidelines you need to follow. Working with me, you’ll learn to tailor your use of online technologies to expand your reach, yet respect professional constraints.

Do you feel you’re not ready, because your thoughts are still all tangled up? No problem. Working with me, you’ll learn a whole brain approach made famous by Walt Disney that makes untangling thoughts and creating online products surprisingly easy and incredibly successful! Are you ready for that?

Use online communication tools to extend your reach and offer products, not just services.

  • easy websites

    Easy Effective Websites

    You are amazing! And you deserve to look and function that way online. Let me help you focus your message and show you simple online tools that will give you a professional and engaging website, so you can share your expertise and engage in conversations that build trust.

  • slideshows and ebooks

    Slideshows and Ebooks

    Enhance your speaking with a professionally created slide show that amplifies your message and makes you look as good as you really are. Watch as I work magic editing your writing and creating the look for your ebook, so it serves both your marketing and your teaching goals.

  • Online Courses

    Online Courses

    Get beyond webinars! New online course platforms make it easier than ever to create online courses filled with engaging learning activities, reinforcement techniques and even community interactions. The result: real, sustainable behavior changes in your learners.

Clients' Comments

  • Rodeth

    Time with Arlene Taveroff is a worthwhile investment.  Her process is easy, creative, and effective.  Arlene’s ability to see possibilities, explore other ideas, and connect with me personally helped me create an outcome that is meaningful and powerful.   Her professionalism, and personable presence , made me feel safe to explore and be open. 

    Rodeth Morse, leadership coach
  • Gabriela Embon

    Working with Arlene was the best investment decision I made. After finishing my program I was able to efficiently write my website, and talk with ease and confidence and own my uniqueness as a coach. After finishing my program with Arlene, I have doubled my business. Thank you Arlene!

    Gabriela Embon, life coach
  • Susan

    With Arlene’s vast vocabulary and open mind, she has helped me to uncover the true essence of myself and my work. She has found the words and the tone that enable me to fully express all that I’ve worked so hard to become and to offer. The effects of the work with Arlene have rippled off so positively into so many areas of my life!

    Susan Greenspan, Energy Therapist
  • Vanessa Simpkins

    Arlene has a natural gift for putting images to words, and words into images. BEST of all I can count on her to “THINK for me” – GOD WHAT A BLESSING! I feel safe allowing her to create and design for me, so my course materials stand out above the crowd and emulate the professionalism my prices command. Thank you Arlene for being a creative catalyst and designing my program so that it looks and feels as RICH as it really is!

    Vanessa Simpkins, Business Consultant

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